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If your are stuck in a time warp and are looking for the old restaurant list, it is gone.

The state of my restaurant list 

(thoughts posted 2-22-2006)

First came my move to Houston after 20 years of living in New Orleans and loving the food, the sights and the people.I still make frequent trips back. Then in August 2006 Hurricane Katrina came blowing and then flooding into new Orleans. Rita followed soon after in Sept. The restaurants evacuated along with the city except for a couple of establishments in the French Quarter that keep on going no matter the difficulties. New Orleans has had disasters before: fire, yellow fever epidemics and other floods. It is in the character of the hard core New Orleanian to persevere, build again and keep going. As in disasters past, the city will change a little but spirit of New Orleans won't die. In the past 6 months the restaurants have started to open again despite the difficulty in finding staff. I will still make trip " home" and hopefully start a new "post-Katrina"  list. It will contain die-hards, restaurants that through the hard work and determination of there owners made it through, pass-ons, restaurants who name made it but is with new ownership or different family members, and newborns, restaurants started after the storm during rebuilding. My list is in the rebuilding stage too. It may come back again. But I will never forget all the fun I had compiling the first list and all the delicious food I "forced" my self to eat.