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White Dome's eruption near its' end.

White Dome Geyser erupts in the distance , in the foreground Great Fountain geyser in its' wind-up stage.


Name Interval Duration Height Type
White Dome--named for its massive 12 foot high cone. Variable between 10 and 150 minutes with the most common interval expected to be between 15-30 mins. 2 mins 30 feet cone
Description of White Dome Geyser
As its' name suggests White Dome has an impressive cone. Equally impressive is its' eruption, a graceful 30 foot elegant plume. A favorite of early visitors, it became a symbol of Yellowstone's' impressive beauty. It was often drawn and photographed by early explorers and visitors giving it some fame beyond the park. It was chosen in the mid 1900's as the symbol for The Yellowstone Library and Museum Association, see below. The association has been renamed in the last few years, The Yellowstone Association for Natural Science, History & Education, Inc, and it has a new symbol, however, White Dome remains a good "poster" candidate, its' massive cone and elegant eruption one of the high points of a visit to the park.

Old Logo with White Dome

Drawing of White Dome Geyser


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