Suggestions for Reports, Papers, Science Projects, Book Reports and Art Projects about Geysers.

The Photo above shows WyoJones' 1967 Science fair Project on Geysers. It was also my first attempt to make working models of geysers.

For information on potential reports or projects check the list below for ideas:


1- Build a working geyser model-- Recommended for Junior and senior High students. See my page on Science Fair Projects and geyser models .

2- Write a report or make a web page on how geysers work--    For ideas  try these books or video  at your  Library:

                             a-   T. Scott Bryan,1979,1991,1995, The Geysers of Yellowstone. 3rd ed, Niwot: University Press of Colorado

                              b- T. Scott Bryan, 1990, Geysers: What they are and how they work. Niwot: Roberts Rinehart

                               c- George D. Marler, 1969, The Story Of Old Faithful, Yellowstone: Yellowstone Library and Museum Association.

                                d- Russ Finley's video-- Good video.

Here is an example of a website on geysers and volcanoes built by students.

3- Draw a cross section of a geyser's plumbing system-- See this page for idea of what it should look like--  or this page.

4- Do a book report on a geyser related book. For some titles see my references.

5- Draw or paint a geyser. Choose a geyser photograph on my page or from the photographers listed on my links page and  use it as a guide to do an original artwork.

6- See if you can create your own formula to predict Old Faithful. Plot the data found on this page and determine the relationship of eruption duration to interval. If you have enough time, watch old faithful on the National Park service webcam and record the eruption duration and time between eruptions. Does the formula you created from this data work?

 Plot up the data about Grotto on the John's site. See what predictions  you can make with that data.

7- Write a report on the relationship between geysers and volcanic areas.

8- Write a report on Yellowstone's geologic setting and why geysers are found there.

9- Write a report on one of the areas where man's activities have destroyed geysers, For ideas: More Ideas

10. Go to Yellowstone and observe a geyser. Record how often it erupts. How long the eruptions last and describe the eruptions. This could take several days depending on the geyser. The John's have spent years observing Grotto Geyser. Read their report.

      Remember, don't just copy ideas above. Research several sources and come up with an original report or project.