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Gibbon Geyser Basin lies along the Gibbon River between Norris and Madison Junction. It is best know for non-geyser thermal features, the Artist Paint Pots and Beryl Springs, shown on the Gibbon Basin map. The geysers though small and remote are non-the-less very interesting and different from geysers elsewhere in Yellowstone. High on a hill, some 600 feet above the river, is a group of weird, tall elongated sinter cones called the Monument Basin. Geyser activity is limited and the only tall cone eruption is a fine spray from Monument (also known as Thermos Bottle Geyser), however, the unique cones make the climb up the hill worthwhile. Most of the other geysers in the basin are not on developed trails and some effort is required to reach them. The area was mostly burned in the Yellowstone Fires of 1988. These geysers with names like Anthill and Avalanche are, however, interesting even though the highest eruptions are less that 30 feet high.

Another feature peculiar to the Gibbon basin are the only springs in Yellowstone with water rich in iron oxides. The Chocolate Pots are examples of these springs and can be seen right along the highway and Gibbon River between Norris and the Artist Paintpots. These features are not geysers but hot springs . The Chocolate Pots' rich reddish-brown color comes from a high content of iron oxides with less silica than common in most other springs. Click the sidebar for more info on each geyser group.


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