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Photograph of Operrishola geyser, photo credit--Ranbury Ltd. (Its creek-side location reminds me of Cliff geyser in Upper Geyser Basin In Yellowstone.)
I put Iceland first since it is home of Great Geysir ...namesake of all geysers


The geyser basin here takes on the name of the largest geyser here, Geysir. In fact that leads to some confusion on many web sites and on the part of some visitors. The Basin is Geysir but until recently Geysir itself was dormant and even now has relatively small eruptions. The large active geyser in the Basin is Strokkur. The name confusion does lead some to believe, as was the case of a geologist I talked to recently, that they have seen a 60 to 90 foot  eruption of Geysir when instead they have seen the mighty Strokkur. The web has many sites that offer pictures of Strokkur, which erupts every 5 to 10 minutes. In fact so many pictures that Strokkur may be starting to challenge Old Faithful as the world most photographed geyser. 

The Geysir Center- Home site to the Museum, Hotel and Organization that manages the site on behalf of the Icelandic People. Great site. Good place to get information. If you don't want to wait through the presentation at the start go directly to pages on Geology, History, Video of Strokkur, Photographs including a couple of the newly rejuvenated Great Geysir, panorama of the geyser basin, geyser basin map and geyser center. Surf for other info.

Harri Elíasson's Photo gallery. Another great picture site with many shots of other thermal features other than just Strokkur. Great photographer, great shots. A must see as are the first 2 site mentioned above.

Iceland Geothermal Features page from Randbury .com site--Picture of Strokkur. Brief description of Iceland's geysers.

Icelandic Tourist Board Picture of Strokkur.

Geysir- Story of a bicycle trek with a brief stop in the geyser basin. A picture of Strokkur.

Steve Bull's Gallery, Includes picture of a thermal pool in the basin.

Volcano site- Good picture of a "blue bubble eruption", typical of Strokkur. 1981. Picture by Claude Grandpey.

Voyage en Islande - Geysir - A series of photographs showing an eruption of Strokkur.

Virtually Virtual Iceland - The Great Geysir Great shots of a tall Strokkur eruption. Also a good view of the "blue bubble" inception to a Strokkur eruption.

PHOTOS D'ISLANDE - Geysir A great series of photos showing an eruption of Strokkur.

2 Photos of Strokkur Geyser, one by Uki Wagemann and the other by Peter Kiesan from the Volcano World site

Iceland Geyser Page-- Chet Gottfried's before and after pictures of Strokkur Geyser from his 10 hour, I mean 9 hour, I mean 8 hour tour*. (*Make sure you read his Iceland in the Caribbean intro to his tour).

Journal of Zdenek Horick's Bike Tour of Iceland-- Zdenek says, "We prepared our trip as a somewhat custom expedition from July 26th to August 10th, 1997 in the group of 10 people, 9 men and 1 girl." (Only 1! Poor planning if you ask me!) He includes photos and a description of his visit to Strokkur Geyser. He also describes steam vents (fumaroles) at Krisuvik. He includes a picture of the steam vent near the bottom of the page. More of his photos (no geysers though).....

Marco Riedel's Photos of Strokkur-- 3 nice photos

J. Ross Browne's 1867 description of Strokkur and Geysir includes drawing of Strokkur. This page is part of Ed Jackson's 19th Century Travels in Iceland site.

Picture of Strokkur -- on a page about the crew installing Cutlass Radar in Iceland. Geyser photo near end of Iceland photos.

Iceland from The Walton Hall Nature trail site, Areas outside the UK to visit for wildlife. This page contains an aerial view of a thermal area and a picture of an eruption labeled as Geysir but it may be the early stages of a Strokkur eruption.

Photo Gallery Pálma Guđmundssonar-- picture of Strokkur and also a picture steam from a geothermal area.

Geysir- a page on the geyser from the The Official North American Web Site Of The Icelandic Tourist Board. Go to slide show. 

Geysir- Island Information Service Website has a picture of Geysir on its index page, no information on geysers per se.

Geysir in Haukadalur page. Good description  of the Great Geysir which is accompanied by a photo. Part of the South Iceland site. This site also has a page on Hveragerđi and it's thermal areas.

Photograph of Strokkur on a page about Geothermal energy in Iceland.  

Mention of Geysir and Strokkur on the Lonely Planet Destination Iceland page. No photographs. 

Account of visit to Geysir by Jeff Noakes . Page includes a photo of Strokkur.  

Geysir and Strokkur [SinOz - Iceland 2003] Silke Schlüter's photo page from Aug 2003 with pictures of a Strokkur eruption showing "blue bubble initiation" and one image of the reactivated Geysir in eruption. The eruption is not high but it is an eruption.


The Research Institute at Nedri-As site describes the thermal area at Hvergerdi . It also has a page of hot spring descriptions and photos. However, not much information on the geysers of the area.  


Heidarbaer -  Page shows a photograph of Ystihver, a geyser in Reykjahverfi, close to Heidarbaer  


Small geyser near Landmannalaugur-- photo of a steaming hole that could be a geyser. It is not shown erupting. This site documents a  Northeastern University Department of Geology field trip to Iceland.  The site contains an index of photos of the Landmannalaugur Area including a photo of the field trip group all in a hot spring. I am beginning to think it is mandatory  that any field trip to Iceland must have a group picture in a hot spring.


Hot Spring at Deildatunga, Iceland (1997) from the photo gallery of Thies Meineke.

Photo Credit----Strokkur Geyser  used with permission of photographer who does not want name on the web. Photo is copyrighted.
Photo Credit: Photo of Great Geysir from Embassy of Iceland web site
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