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My wife calls my websites "my husband's obsession". The old obsession however has fallen on tough times. I have not taken  the time to keep the site current so some of it has been removed. I am working to "modernize" the site and at least bring it up to the standards acceptable at the turning of the last century ( 6 yrs ago).. In fact I do have a few pages dedicated to sharing some of the things I love with others while I continue to learn about them. This page serves as a launch point to find information and photographs on my pages.  The content and ideas expressed here are my own. 



What's Up with Geysers

 I have been fascinated with geysers since I was young boy visiting Yellowstone National Park with my parents. (And that had been a long time.) Some of the geysers are almost like a family member to me. I see them every summer and take their photographs. These geyser pages were developed to share this love and to further the protection, and understanding of nature's natural hot fountains. This page is targeted to all those interested in geysers, but students are particularly invited.




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Some currently available pages:

If you want to go to geyser photographs click on individual geyser basins found on WyoJones' Yellowstone Geyser Page or on Yellowstone Geyser Basin Map. If you would like more info on other geyser locations around the world, manmade geysers, or geyser like natural features click on  World Geyser Links.



If a group of New Orleanians get together for any length of time, the topic will turn to food at some point and to restaurants. When Orleanians go out to a restaurant the conversation will usually include a discussion of other restaurants and dishes. Food in Southern Louisiana is a defining element of the culture as well as  a pastime. Food is an art here, and almost a religion sometimes as hotly debated. Families are sometimes distinguished by how they make a gumbo.  During my 20 years living in the Crescent City eating out became a hobby of mine. Over the years I developed  a list of favorite restaurants. Family and friends have encouraged me to share it. I do not drink so my ratings do not include wine selection and costs ranges are without bar bills. As my BODY BUILT BY NEW ORLEANS will attest these restaurants have great, usually rich, flavorful food. I have tried over a 100 restaurants, but if one of your favorites does not appear on my restaurant list it may be that I have not yet tried it

After too many Hurricanes ( and I not referring to drinks)

The state of my restaurant list 2-22-2006

First came my move to Houston after 20 years of living in New Orleans and loving the food, the sights and the people. Then in August 2006 Hurricane Katrina came blowing and then flooding into new Orleans. Rita followed soon after in Sept. The restaurants evacuated along with the city except for a couple of establishments in the French Quarter that keep on going no matter the difficulties. New Orleans has had disasters before: fire, yellow fever epidemics and other floods. It is in the character of the hard core New Orleanian to persevere, build again and keep going. As in disasters past, the city will change a little but spirit of New Orleans won't die. In the past 6 months the restaurants have started to open again despite the difficulty in finding staff. I will still make trip " home" and hopefully start a new "post-Katrina"  list. It will contain die-hards, restaurants that through the hard work and determination of there owners made it through, pass-ons, restaurants who name made it but is with new ownership or different family members, and newborns, restaurants started after the storm during rebuilding. My list is in the rebuilding stage too. It may come back again. But I will never forget all the fun I had compiling the first list and all the delicious food I forced my self to eat.




On a walk through the busy streets of the FRENCH QUARTER one's senses are subject to a myriad of sights, sounds and smells. The clip clop of carriage horses, the smell of freshly baked pastries, the sound of water being used to wash a sidewalk, and the lonesome sound of a sax from the street corner are woven into a rich and unusual tapestry that is the New Orleans experience. Outside of the quarter the new contrasts against the old in a unique blending of old river town and new south. New Orleans is a city that needs to be seen, smelled, touched and heard in order to be understood and appreciated. The task of capturing her on film while allowing the feel of the city come through is difficult. I have attempted this for most of my stay her and the pages below show these attempts.


I like photography and it goes hand and hand with my other favorite pastimes, sightseeing and traveling. Most who travel with me are surprised by the amount of film I shoot. My wife on the other hand is surprised by the amount of money I spend on a trip for film and developing. I usually shoot slide (positive) film, but have been know to shoot a fair amount of print film. I now have a digital camera I share with my wife so I can be recognized by the 3 cameras hanging off me. My son is a bona fide photographers assistant, though that was never his desire.

Most of the photos on these pages were taken by me and are protected by copyright . Permission is required to use the photos on web pages or to print, distribute or alter any photo. These photos are intended for the viewing by visitors to these pages. Photos not taken by me are clearly footnoted.  If you would like copies or use rights of any of my photos they are for sale. I may allow small copies to be used in personal or noncommercial web pages for free on a case by case basis  if requests are made in writing via e-mail.



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Copies of My photos can be found on these pages:


  • Basin, Wyoming
One of my favorite places in Wyo.


Yellowstone's enchanting wonders have held my interest since I was a young boy. Except for 3 years, I have been to "The Park" every year of my life. It is a special place in both my and my wife's families. Many family stories have as  their settings outings in Yellowstone Park . Waterfalls, wildlife, canyons, hot springs , geysers, lodge pole pines and many memories make Yellowstone a special place to me. For years I have taken photographs which are found through out my pages on "The Park".



Here are a few pages about Yellowstone. I hope to add more.




Our families original site first posted in 1995. For those that ask, it has gone in to the History books and the kids have grown and have their own computers and most have their own homes.

align="Top" alt width="13" height="16">PERILS OF PAULINE


Adventures in Writing

  • Click above to go to Pauline's writing page
Above is a link to my wife's home page about her writing. She is an author and has published several books. Her next book, Out of Time, is due to be released in the summer of 2006.The book is dedicated to our fathers who both were part of the great generation. Click above to find out more about her books, and  where you can buy her books. By the way, buy a couple of her books, we need the money to support my photography habit... Photo credits in banner: see footnote 3



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I am a geologist with a love of Yellowstone Park and an interest in hydrothermal features and photography. I grew up in the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming which lies to the East of Yellowstone National Park Park. Over the years I have spent many hours hiking, walking and biking in Yellowstone as well as the rest of Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Montana, Idaho, Arizona, Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi. . Currently I am pursuing my love of geology in the field of petroleum field development and exploration geology. Living on the Gulf Coast makes my trips to Yellowstone fewer than I would like but explains my many pictures of my current hometown, New Orleans. I love the history and beauty of the area of New Orleans. I still make the trip 1 or 2 times a yearback to Wyoming and Yellowstone. On these trips I shoot an incredible number of rolls of film much to the amazement of those stuck traveling with me. Most of the photos on these pages were taken by me and are protected by copyright . Permission is required to use the photos on web pages or to print, distribute or alter any photo. These photos are intended for the viewing by visitors to these pages. Photos not taken by me are clearly footnoted. 

.Just a few links to pages with info on the topics discussed in these pages. More Links to come soon.
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  3. Photos in banner: left-from movie "Horror of Blood", right- from the TV series The Avengers
  4. Greg Jones Science Fair project 1966 -- Mary Sackett, Basin Republican Rustler. (Newspaper: Basin, Wyoming)
  5. Oppherhissola Geyser, Iceland --
  6. Fatman -- Unknown clip art
  7. Geysir, Iceland --
  8. Wyoming Flag -- Wyoming State web site



New Orleans skyline from Algiers, 1996




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It's a War Zone (Mardi Gras) Camouflage-- Costumed and Painted Faces


Wyoming Jones

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If Indiana can have a Jones, then why can't  Wyoming? Yes the Wyo in WyoJones does stand for Wyoming. That is where I was born and a place I still love .


Looking for WyoJones' Portfolio of New Orleans Night Images?

My portfolio of New Orleans Night photographs shot between 1994 and 2000



Looking for "family friendly" Mardi Gras photos?

New Orleans Faces page contains some of my photographs of Mardi Gras I have taken over the past 21 years. If you are searching for bare body parts you will not find them here. This photos were taken during carnival in areas that are family friendly and not in the lewder areas in the French Quarter. As the name says the only cheeks you will see on these pages are the ones on the face.

Looking for photos of National Parks, Wildlife Refuges and other interesting Places?

Clicking above on the photo of Fish Springs, Utah won't  help since  this the index page for these photographs are under construction. Check back, However I work in geologic time so the arrival time will be plus or minus 1 Million years.





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