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of the Firehole

"Our attention was at once attracted by water and steam escaping, or being thrown up from an opening.....Soon this geyser was in full play. The setting sun shining into the spray and steam drifting toward the mountains, gave it the appearance of burnished gold, a wonderful sight. We could not contain our enthusiasm: with one accord we all took off our hats and yelled with all our might."---Charles W. Cook from his diary entry of September 29,1870

Selected Geysers of the



Clepsydra Geyser and New Bellefonte Geyser

 Fountain Geyser


 Great Fountain Geyser

Pink Cone Geyser

White Dome Geyser

Steady Geyser (perpetual spouter)


 Imperial Geyser

 Spray Geyser

Kaleidoscope Group




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The Lower Geyser Basin is the largest geyser basin in terms of area in Yellowstone and probably the world. It covers over 12 square miles along the lower valley of the Firehole. Groups of hot springs are scattered across the Map of Lower Geyser Basin. For the most part the springs are clear and typical of the Firehole Geysers basin. There are minor areas of muddy and acidic water like found at Norris Geyser Basin. Most of the major geyser are along roads, boardwalks, and developed trails so they are easily accessible. This basin has large to small geyser with some of the most interesting eruptions in the park. For more information on some of these geysers click on the names below. In the early days of the park there was a hotel near the present day Fountain Paint pot parking lot, The Fountain Hotel. The hotel was torn down in 1927. Today the area around the geysers is free of hotels, stores etc. One of the most popular nature trails in the park, Fountain Paint Pots Trail, is located in Lower Geyser Basin and is a good spot to get oriented to the Basin's thermal features. Clepsydra Geyser located on thh Fountain Paintpots trail is almost alway erupting. It offers the chance to view an erupting geyser with no wait.




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