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The sound of Old Faithful's eruption is often accompanied by a chorus of clicks from cameras. On this page are photos of the famous geyser taken by some of the millions to have viewed her eruptions.



Left - photo, 1997, by Sheri Solomon at http://www.geocities.co...Yellowstone-geysers.html. Used with the permission of the photographer.

left- 1947, B.L. Brown, Haynes Foundation Collection, Montana Historical Society
center- 1916, J.E. Haynes, Haynes Foundation Collection, Montana Historical Society
right- Old Faithful Geyser, 1878 by W.H. Jackson. Colorado Historical Society


ofcrowdt.gif (29909 bytes)

Visitors awaiting Old Faithful Geyser eruption, 1925, anonymous, National Park Service


of11t.gif (31630 bytes)

Looking towards the Upper Firehole River from the crater of Old Faithful, !878 by W. H. Jackson, Colorado Historical Society

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Above Post Cards by Haynes from the collection of WyoJones



oldfaithful3.jpg (31869 bytes)

Ingersoll stereoview of a backlit Old Faithful.



of_adams.gif (71533 bytes)

Ansel Adams' classic backlite photo of the famous geyser.

Another of Dewey Vanderhoff's beautiful and unusual photographs of Old Faithful with Hale- Bopp comet on the horizon, 1997. This photograph used with the permission of the copyright holder, Dewey Vanderhoff. For more information or to purchase prints contact Dewey Vanderhoff at: deweyv@trib.com

oldfaith.jpg (8078 bytes)

Old faithful in winter or during cold days has a steam cloud appearance. This photo from the Central Virginia Governor's School for Science and Technology Lynchburg, VA  site.


Photographs are not the only images of Old Faithful. Artwork of the geyser has appears on plates, needlework sets, luggage tags, spoons, salt shakers, pitchers, key rings, pins, patches, bumper stickers, t-shirts, golf balls, and many other everyday objects. A few are shown below.

oldfaithful.jpg (71759 bytes)oldfaithful2.jpg (39059 bytes)yeltagt.gif (43662 bytes)

Photographs on this page are used with the photographer's permission or are thought to be in the public domain.


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