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One of the focal points of Mardi Gras are the parades. A Mardi Gras parades feature a cast of thousands of faces. This site is dedicated to the Krewe members who ride the floats, the guys who build the faces on the floats, the guys who drive the tractors, the band members, drill teams, beauty queens, policemen, and spectators whose faces on this page will introduce you to Mardi Gras Supporting cast. My goal was to capture faces that represent the many facets of a parade.

If a photo has a green box around it, a larger version of the photo is available. Click on the photo to see the larger version and learn more about Mardi Gras.

Faces on the Floats

Krewe Members-- Float riders


Marching Bands/ Military Bands

Drill Teams

Beauty Queens


Marching Clubs

Clowns and other Parade Participants

The Guys that make it all work

Parade Spectators--- Throw me something, mister.

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Mardi Gras Battle Dress-More Mardi Gras Faces, learn about Mardi Gras camouflage-- a must before you enter the WAR ZONE.

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