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Name Interval Duration Height
Pink Cone-- named for its 18 inch high brownish pink cone. The color comes from traces of manganese oxide.

Currently14- 20 hours normally, however, it has cycles occasionally that have much shorter intervals. 1 hour intervals have been reported.. The current average is about 16 hours.

30 minutes to 3 hours, usually 2- 2.5 hours. averages about 30 feet
Pink Cone is clearly visible on the Firehole Lake Drive. Its' pink cone is distinctive and the road actually cuts into the geyser's mound. The eruption, first recorded by park visitors in 1887, reaches 30 feet . Before the 1959 earthquake the interval between eruptions were as long as 50 hours. For about 10 days following the earthquake its' play was almost constant. Following this wild phase the interval was as short as 40 to 50 minutes and the duration was also about 50 minutes long.. This marked increase in activity has slowed some since the earthquake with the intervals currently being between 14 and 20 hours . The eruption begins abruptly with out warning and its' steady water jet pulsates some. The eruption has brief pauses near the end that get longer until the eruptive stage gradually ends. Pink Cone's eruption is one of my favorite because of its' beautiful setting.
References: T. Scott Bryan, 1995; Fountain Paintpots Trail Guide, personal observations

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