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Name Interval Duration Height
Spray Geyser In 1994, 1-3 mins. In 1994, 4-7 mins In 1994, 2-4 feet from the 2 main vents.
References: Bryan,1995; Personal observation; Rocco Paperiello's June 20, 1997 posting on the Geyser Mailing List.
When I took the photo shown on this page in 1994, Spray Geyser was erupting from 2 vents. While I was there, maximum eruptive heights were about 4 feet with the front vent playing a little higher that the back vent. The front vent would start the cycle and then was quickly joined by the back vent .The eruptions would last from 4 to 7 minutes followed by a quiet interval of only 1 to 3 minutes then the eruption would resume in the same pattern. Sine that time the eruption have changed with spray sometimes acting as a perpetual spouter. On June 20, 1997 Rocco Paperiello reported on the geyser mailing list that Spray is ".. much changed. There is (a) new large vent which erupt also. The 3 vents (max heights about 20-30 feet) erupt in a very curious transfer of energy which takes about an hour to cycle through. Eruptions last about a minute or more with intervals of 2 to 3 minutes. Sometimes the front vent erupts with small splashes from the back vent. Then suddenly the middle (and original) vent erupts instead. Then later in the series, the Middle vent is also followed by an eruption of the third vent which either takes over entirely, or (in the biggest eruptions) erupts with the middle vent. A very nice display well worth the trip out there."


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