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of The Firehole

Grand Geyser Complex

Old Faithful

Sawmill Geyser Complex

Castle Geyser

Grotto Group

Daisy Geyser

Riverside Geyser

Geyser Hill

Photo above from Fournier, et al, 1994

Beehive Geyser


oblong1a.jpg (15894 bytes)

Oblong Geyser

Photo above courtesy of John T. Humphrey at TwoSocks.com

Gaint Geyser


  Black Sand Basin


-NPS Photo (59-1125) from Yellowstone's Living Geology by William A. Fischer.

Biscuit Basin





Although it is not the largest geyser basin in terms of area, Upper Geyser Basin has the largest concentration of geysers in the world with more than 150 geysers in an area just over 2 miles long and 1/2 mile wide. T. Scott Bryan, in his book The Geysers of Yellowstone , estimates that this represents over 25% of all the world's geysers in this 1 sq. mile area. These geysers include some of the largest regularly active geysers in the world, such as Old Faithful ,Grand and Beehive. It also includes powerful geysers like Giant and Giantess whose rare eruptions are awesome sights. In the early days of the park it was called the Great Geyser Basin, a name that may best describe this uniquely wondrous place. Come ahead, click on the geyser names below and find out about this fascinating place along the Firehole River. After a visit to the geyser basins along the Firehole, mountain man Jim Bridger reportedly described the river as "running so fast it gets hot on the bottom."


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