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 West Thumb is an extension of Yellowstone Lake into a circular bay that is a caldera. This is a smaller caldera within the larger Yellowstone Caldera. The geyser basin is located on the extreme western tip of the thumb-shaped bay which is located on the west side of Yellowstone Lake. Grant Village, campground and lodging, is located on the same bay just to the south of the geyser basin. It is a small basin both in terms of geographic size and number of geysers. The basin is 1000 feet wide and 400 feet wide and lies along the beach. It contains less than 10 known geysers. The most famous of these is Fishing Cone which is usually surrounded by lake water and is dormant. West Thumb's thermal water like those of the Firehole geyser basins are clear and alkaline. The currently largest, more or less regularly active geyser in the basin is Lone Pine Geyser. West Thumb basin is best known for its' paintpots and its' hot springs. Abyss and Black Pool are large, colorful hot springs pools. However since 1987 both pools have erupted for the first time in recorded history. Much to the surprise of most geyser observers, these beautiful pools are also geysers. How long till the next eruptions? How many of West Thumbs pools are also geysers? All unanswered questions that make West Thumb an interesting place to visit.




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