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Who is WyoJones?

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PURPOSE-- To provide an introduction to geysers in order to promote their study and protection. This page is dedicated to all who love or will love and seek to understand geysers.

My wife calls it an obsession. I find it fun, a way to learn new skills and write about something I love. I hope this site will provide an introduction to geysers and the geology of Yellowstone. It is designed to give a good overview and promote understanding and love of geysers. It is not meant to be an exhaustive catalog of geysers or a scientific discussion of hydrothermal concepts and theory. I hope the visitor to these pages will want to learn more about geysers. To that end I have listed geyser books and articles, links to much of the info I have found on the web, links to forums and discussion groups and links to information that will help plan a trip to Yellowstone. Visiting the geyser basins of Yellowstone is the only way to understand what's on these pages and comprehend the beauty and power or geysers. Beware, however, you may get bitten by the "geyser gazing bug". It is addictive to those with right combination of curiosity, patience and love of the earth's phenomena.

The site also allows me to share some of my hundreds of photographs of Yellowstone I have taken over a 30 year period. Due to limited space (and time) I can share but a few  of my favorites.

My images are copyrighted and can not be copied, stored electronically or by any other means, or manipulated in any way except with my permission. ( See Below).


I especially like the students who come to this site. Since so many, or their parents, have asked for information on ideas for reports, science fair projects or other school projects I have included a page to help. Any student needing a copy of a picture for a grade to high school project or paper, has permission to use one providing they do not publish it in any form in a journal, magazine, book, website, electronic media or publicly distributed medium without written permission from the copyright holder, me. Others may e-mail me at the address below for permission to use photos. ALL QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, AND SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOMED.

WYO'S Geyser Page is in the Pink--

The image that comes to mind when most people hear the word geyser is one of the large geysers like Old Faithful or Geysir (in Iceland). They are beautiful sights however beauty in the geyser world is not restricted to the "big" geysers. The photo at the beginning page of this site is of Pink Cone. It erupts to the height of about 30 feet. It has a graceful plume of water coming from its pink colored cone. I have chosen it as a "poster child" to show that a geyser's eruption does not need to be large to be beautiful. There are many small geysers with interesting and beautiful eruptions.

Who is WyoJones? (As well as the inevitable disclaimer.)

I am a geologist with a love of Yellowstone Park and an interest in hydrothermal features and photography. I grew up in the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming which lies to the East of the Park. Over the years I have spent many hours hiking, walking and biking in Yellowstone. Currently I am pursuing my love of geology in the field of petroleum field development and exploration geology. Living on the Gulf Coast makes my trips to Yellowstone fewer than I would like. I still make the trip 1 or 2 times a year. I am not an employee of The National Park Service or of any park concessionaire, tour company, or any other group or company associated with Yellowstone National Park. This is a personal project and any views or opinions expressed are mine. The references used to help write this page are listed on my reference page. Most of the photos on these pages were taken by me and are protected by copyright . Permission is required to use the photos on web pages or to print, distribute or alter any photo. These photos are intended for the viewing by visitors to these pages. Photos not taken by me are clearly footnoted. If you have questions or comments please contact me,






These pages are dedicated to my Mother and Father who first showed me many of the wonders of Yellowstone and instilled in me a love and respect for nature. They didn't really put me up to the page but the inspiration comes from the Park they loving introduced to me summer after summer.

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